Our History

The Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Association (APPA) was formed on United Nations Day 24 October 1997. In 2003 the APPA was incorporated in Victoria as the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association Inc (APPVA) and permission was given for branches to be established in all states and territories.

The organisation was formed because following the return of peacekeepers from the United Nations Advanced Mission in Cambodia (UNAMIC) and the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) many veterans were facing health issues, yet were not recognised as veterans by counseling services. Furthermore, during the next Anzac Day, these UNAMIC and UNTAC veterans were not given permission to march as a united group of Peacekeepers. This led to the formation of our organisation, with the aim of rebuilding the sense of camaraderie experienced during our deployments.

Whilst initially the Association had fully functioning committees in all states and territories, age and injury took its toll and it soom found itself with insufficient volunteers to meet the legislative requirments to function as a incorporated assocations in eac state.

The APPVA made the decision to close all state branches in 2019 and operate as a single organisation across Australia. The association has since adopted best practice governance practices compliance with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, becoming a company limited by guarantee with a board of directors providing strategic direction and a management committee overseeing day-to-day operations. The APPVA is registered as a charity.

Image to the right: Nick Hannay, Cambodia 1993

We are a member of the Ex-Service Organisation Round Table (ESORT), which grants direct access to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

With our office based in Canberra we have an active Parliamentary lobbying capability and in most cases undetake lobbying as a team with like mined organisations such as the Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex Servicemen and Women Ltd.

Unlike other ex-service organisations, the APPVA has always maintained its unique approach. The association takes initiative and works closely with other ESOs, even though some tasks may be considered risky by others. The APPVA does not hesitate to speak openly about uncomfortable topics because it represents all veterans, their families, and the supportive community.

Building strong relationships with the Secretary of DVA, the Repatriation Commissioner, and Deputy Secretaries allows the APPVA to achieve significant outcomes for the community. Through collaboration and advocacy, the association strives to make a positive impact on the lives of veterans and their support networks.

As a consequence we call a spade a spade when it is time to be direct in order to get the most for the veteran community. When it is time to take a less direct approach we do so, necause being situationally aware of the communiicatin needs of all around us makes a great difference.